Prachtstück – Elegant and charming swimwear by Katrin Werger

Prachtstück is a swimwear collection developed by the Berlin stylist Katrin Werger – an elegant line, which charmingly emphasizes the feminine side of women and provides a great fit.
As a stylist and lover of the Baltic Sea and the ocean in general, Katrin Werger discovered that many bathing suits or bikinis do not respond to the special needs of women. Especially at the sea, on a yacht or just in the sun, the modern woman does not want to choose a thin, ill-fitting colourful fabric flag, but to find a well-fitting outfit that has been designed to her female needs and carefully crafted. Self-confident women want to slip into a creation in which bum, breasts and abdomen find dignified support and thus create a delightful presence full of feminine sensuality. By her own standard, Katrin Werger produces a figure-hugging bathing suit, which offers sufficient freedom of movement, while hard to beat in terms of elegance and expressiveness.

PRACHTSTÜCK respects the needs of the modern woman:

The slightly wider straps guarantee a secure fit even for a fuller bust.
The sleeve neckline has been chosen smaller for all collection parts, to cover everything that a woman wants to cover.

In each upper part is a base, in the style of a sports bra.
An additional rubber band is found at the bust insert beneath the chest, which gives the wearer a secure feeling.

Based on female role models of the 50s like
Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor, Swimwear can be elegant, sexy and yet comfortable.

„Gems spotted on the beach“

To all female creatures who have fallen in love with our gems.
We invite you, send us your holiday photos, on which you shine gloriously in our pieces.
At the end of the season, we’ll be drawing 5 of the most magnificent ones and inviting you to join our next shoot for the new 2018 collection.

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Unsere Produktionsstätte befindet sich in Großröhrsdorf bei Dresden in Deutschland.
Die Zusammenarbeit mit diesem seit über 100 Jahre existierendem traditionsgeführtem
Familienunternehmen ist ein Geschenk für unsere Badekleider.


Italien Frankreich Spanien, das sind die Länder aus denen wir unsere Stoffe beziehen.
Unser Design orientiert sich nicht nur optisch an den Vintage Look, sondern, versucht
das auch in der Auswahl der Materialien umzusetzen.
Der Stretchanteil ist geringer, als bei den herkömmlichen Bademoden.
Durch das festere Material und unsere spezial angelegten Schnitte,
können wir jedem weiblichen Geschöpf eine ganz eigene Art der Passform bieten.
Da Materialien aus dem Sportbereich, hochentwickelt und die meist getesteten sind,
können wir Ihnen ein Material bieten, dass optisch an vergangene Zeiten erinnert,
jedoch zeitgemäß mit dem Trend geht.